Monthly Racing Event

Racetrack tracks and Remotely Operated Vehicles – Carrera is synonymous with exciting duels, fascination with speed and spectacular cars. For more than 50 years it has surprised generations of motor and car fans and brings the feeling of motorsports to your room. For slot car fans competing in the race on the track is more exciting than real sporting events, as it is your victory. Here are cars from the current racing scene with historical classics.

But Carrera not only has a class of its own in the field of motorsports but also in the world of remote-controlled vehicles run RC is ahead. Whether it’s drones, drones, helicopters, buggies or boats, anyone finds their activity suitable to enjoy inside or outside the house.

In addition, all RC racing models are “Ready to Run” and are equipped with high-performance lithium-ion batteries, which guarantee a short charging time and a long duration. The most modern and innovative technique ensures an exceptional quality of the models, which cause a sensation for their creativity and impressive design.

Passionate duels on the track, on the street, in the air or in your room. No matter what scope you decide: with the RC tracks and models the official online racing store offers an impressive selection with numerous licenses, such as Red Bull, Ferrari, Nintendo Mario Kart or Disney Pixar Cars, for fun driving and a real power.

Motorsports for all ages

The fascination with racing can begin at very early ages. That’s why, race, with the first track system, GO!!! and DIGITAL 143, offers sets of ski racing for children. But also advanced users can enjoy the racing sensations on the track.


Enjoy a great driving pleasure with our vehicles, boats, helicopters. For beginners and advanced users: in our product selection, you will find a wide variety of remote control models for all ages and difficulty levels.

Radio control Races

Taking control of the turn times and positions in the race is complicated in competitions as fast as remote-controlled car races. MYLAPS offers an automated and optimized timing system for radio control racing. It is easy to configure and use and serves both indoor enclosures and outdoor runways, cars, and scale boats. The MYLAPS RC4 timekeeping system not only shows the time information of the turns but also measures performance data such as the connected voltage and the ambient temperature of the car. The results are indisputable.

Calendar of upcoming events

  • Fai World Cup F9U Seville 2019
  • Fai f3c World Cup-Euro Series 2019 Esp
  • 2019 Spanish championship, acrobatics with F3c helicopters
  • FAI 28th International Open of F2 Valladolid World Cup 2019
  • The Cerdanya Jet 2019
  • 2019 Spanish F3s Championship
  • 2019 Abierta Nacional Mod.Space C. A. B
  • 2019 world championships FAI F1 to Aircraft Free Flight
  • Fai open International F3e V & V gran Canaria 2019 Eurocombat
  • 2020 FAI F2 world championships for Model Aircraft Control Line