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Are you interested in the latest Carolina RC speedway news? Here at CarolinaRC we know how important this hobby is for the racers. So, we do our best to tend to your needs the best way we can – the CarolinaRC way!

You can find a lot of CarolinaRC forums to get the proper hobby connection Easley South Carolina offers, but then again, the Hobby Connection Easley SC community is a somewhat closed one, so you need all the news and info you can get – from a specialized site like ours – the Carolina RC.

Here, we’ll talk all about the Carolina Speedway races, the racers, their latest accomplishments and ultimately, the developments in the hobby. Whether you are in it because of the amazing ambiance, the dirt oval-shaped tracks where the cars rise up the dust, you’ll have a great time. We promise you nothing but the best time, following our Carolina RC website.

About Carolina Speedway Races

Remote control car racing can be really fun, but in order to get the wholesome experience, you need to get all the information regarding the Carolina RC races, racers, rules and everything else! And why wouldn’t you, when the Carolina RC speedway races are some of the best ones that happen in the world.
The season of 2019 has a lot of great things ahead for the Carolina RC racers too. It is expected to happen in mid-October and as such, it has shaken the world of the Carolina RC racers. The 2019 points rules for the regular season were posted, and these points are really important, as they are the ones that will decide the king racers of the Carolina RC.
Besides this, the speedway races will ensure that the 5 best racers will advance in the champion round – the King of the Carolina’s and there will be a lot of exciting things happening here too.
If you didn’t know so far, the Carolina Speedway races are an annual event where the best racers of Carolina are being crowned. The Carolina RC events are incredibly famous on a local and international level as well.

The Basic Rules of This RC Races

If you want to enjoy the hobby of RC races properly, whether amongst the racers or in the audience, you should also know the rules of RC races.

First of all, you should know that all cars must be numbered – and in most cases, the numbers must be easy to see. Also, there are different class for RC races, so depending on the different car-types, there are also different car-classes for racings.

Other things you should have in mind about RC races are that you aren’t allowed to turn your radio on in the pits, unless your radio is a 2.4 gHz. Also, if your car breaks, you aren’t allowed to leave the stand. You might block the view of other players and that simply isn’t fair. So, on some tracks, you might be able to ask for help from the pit crew.

Lastly, remember that changing of batteries is not allowed. You must re-enter the track only when clear and at the same place you left the track.

What Is Virtual Speedway

In essence, Virtual speedway is an animated version of the real-life sport of motor-bike racing. However, the difference is that the results and outcomes of the virtual races are determined by random number-generating software rather than skill and knowledge of the racers.

Unlike needing to go to a local dirt track so that you can watch and bet on a race, using the virtual speedway races, you can follow hundreds of different races during the day and you’ll have a lot of fast-paced betting opportunities.

In fact, many people resort to virtual speedway sports betting at legal online casinos. After all, legal online casinos offer a set of different options for winning real money prizes through sports betting and casino games. So, if you visit an online casino website, you can do virtual speedway sports betting and have fun while winning a lot of real money prizes.

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Popular Teams and Racers

You probably already know that RC racing is an incredibly popular hobby, and there are thousands of people who watch every event from this sport on a regular level. However, some teams and racers are better than others, which is why they should get our recognition. After all, they dedicated time and knowledge in perfecting their cars and learning how to control them in a really elegant and attractive way. For instance, you have teams like the Team Associated which keep on setting the bar high. Also, you have racers like Spencer Rivkin, who besides being very young, is an aspiring professional.

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