Guide to the Best RC Cars

RC cars have gone from being children’s toys to being artifacts for the whole family. Modern models reach high speeds, have adjustable aerodynamic designs and manufacturing systems that allow for excellent resistance. If we add to this the advanced control systems, the sensations of power over the car multiply. Just this is what the Ferrari 458 Special a Raster offers, a 1:24 scale reproduction of the Italian sports car, capable of reaching 8 km / h. Also, it has six motion functions, including 360° turns, independent suspension system and rubber tires for maximum grip. A short distance away is the Tamiya Lancia Delta Integral model, a perfect replica of the traditional Delta Lancia of rallies in a design made of highly resistant polycarbonate and with battery-operated mechanics at the level of this type of vehicle.

Which is the best RC car on the market?

RC cars are toys with which to give extra fun to any occasion, with designs and models much more current than the usual traditional vehicles. If you also want to join this new line of cars, follow the tips of our guide to buy the best RC car depending on what you like and your budget.

  • Motor vehicle

This is one of the most analyzed elements within any RC car comparison and also makes the difference in how much the vehicle costs. Within this segment, we have two main options, such as gasoline models and electric models, with a more modern cut.

Starting with the gasoline models, they have a system similar to that of a traditional street vehicle, which needs the fuel feed necessary for its operation. In this case, they are engines that have good reactivity and high operating power, with speeds that in the most extreme models can reach 100 kilometers per hour.

On the other hand, we have electric vehicles that, in addition to being cheaper than other models, also have the cleaner operation, free of fumes and discomfort. Indeed, these engines do not have the explosiveness of the gasoline engines, but, indeed, the response and the speed it can reach is also remarkable; being able to achieve reasonable rates. In this case, the choice depends on your preference and experience, recommending gasoline models for more experienced users.

  • Body

In this case, bodywork is essential in two respects. On the one hand, because of the car’s design and on the other hand, because of its strength and quality. Something fundamental, especially for the vehicle to be resistant when moving around the ground without problems. So the importance of this aspect.

On the design side, the good news is that, regardless of how much it costs, it is relatively easy to find models of all types and designs. Among them are rally Cars, scale streetcars or unique design cars such as buggies or Monster Trucks, to name a few. Quality models, so it is easy to find the one you like the most without this implying much change in the price.

As for the resistance, it is advisable to take a look at the structure of the product, which must have a high strength chassis to prevent it from deteriorating prematurely with the use. This resistance should also be present in all other body parts, especially in vehicles intended for use on land, field or road. A bodywork that is not resistant eventually deteriorates and damages the image of the car.

  • Battery and autonomy

The last important aspect when assessing a radio control car is the battery and the freedom that they offer us. Something important because, the higher the ability to give us fun, the longer the fun will last. The good news is that some sets even have two batteries, so while one game is loaded, the other can be used without problems.

To give you a reference, these batteries usually have a capacity of about 15 to 20 minutes, although it also depends on the measurements of the vehicle. This applies to battery models, whereas, if we are talking about petrol models, in this case, the question depends on the size of the fuel tank.

In general, the autonomy of gasoline models tends to be lower in global terms, among other things because even the engine spends fuel at a standstill, although in this case what makes the difference is the power of the vehicle. In any case, the higher the speed at which the car can roll, both in electric and petrol models, the higher the energy consumption and, therefore, the autonomy. In any case, the electric motor car is usually cheaper than the gasoline car, both for purchase costs and for the necessary fuel load.

Which is the best RC Car of 2019?

Making an intelligent purchase depends on many factors and one of these is the information you have about the products. For your next purchase to be the right decision, we show you the best cars to radio control of 2019.

  1. Rastar Ferrari 458

Main advantage:

The most remarkable thing about this remote-controlled miniature car is that its replica on a 1:24 scale, with its red color and sports design make it quite reliable.

Main disadvantage:

Although the exterior of the model is quite detailed, some users have criticized that as it is so small it does not have internal details, nor does it have the ability to open its doors.