Welcome To The Photo Album of Carolina R/C Speedway

If a picture’s worth a thousand words then it’s probably better to forget all the chit-chat and just get to the pics…..
Here are just a few of the pics we were able to scrape up to give you an idea of the look of racing at Carolina R/C Speedway. We tried to put the pictures in chronological order, but that’s not a guarantee in every case. Go through the pages, and enjoy. Oh yeah, see how observant you are and see if you can find the trick photo. If you find it send me an e-mail and tell me who and what it is.
We’ve got all types of racing for just about every interest there is. Plan to come see us soon ya hear!
From the beginnings of oval racing at the old Berea R/C Speedway to the beginnings of a new era……
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Carolina R/ C Speedway
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